$THANK coin
airdrop for SPOs

Thank you for your interest in $THANK coin. We hope you'll find it useful.

Just in case you're wondering what $THANK coin is. Find out here.

How many $THANK coins can I get?
Every SPO will receive 2,000,000 $THANK.

Can I have more?
You can have 2,000,000 $THANK more every time you distribute $THANK to at least 100 wallets. Just DM me on Twitter.

What can I do with $THANK Coin?
You are free to use $THANK Coin any way you want. Some ideas are sending $THANK to your delegators or running giveaways to promote your social channel.

How many $THANK coins get distributed?
There's a fixed amount of 10,000,000,000 $THANK. 90% of which will be distributed in non-profit ways. For example airdropping to SPOs, promotional giveaways, selling for charities, etc.

Is $THANK Coin a way to promote its creator's stake pool?
No. I'm a SPO myself, but I'm committed to keeping $THANK Coin neutral and be a common good for all SPOs to use. I will never mention my own pool on any $THANK Coin marketing channel, including but not limited to this website and it's Twitter account.

Is there a deadline for distributing $THANK to SPOs?
No. There are new SPOs all the time and I want to support all of you.

How to get
$THANK coin
· Step 1
Send 1.7 Ada to the address below.
Copy address
· Step 2
Use the Twitter account of your stake pool and DM me at @ThankCoin. In the message please include:
- The transaction ID
- The address you want to receive $THANK
(May be obvious, but this must not be an exchange address)
This is to prove that you really are a stake pool operator.

· Step 3
You will get back 1.5 Ada together with 2,000,000 $THANK coins. 0.2 Ada is for transaction fee.

That's it! I wish you and your pool great success! 👍

We are commited to distributing 90% of $THANK Coin in non-profit ways. Other airdropping rules on this page may be changed at any time to best fit with current situation.
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